Fund Raising Events!

Lunch Time Event 12.30 Sunday November 15th 2015
North Stainley Village Hall

The Roddy Scott Foundation
will hold an Antiques Road Show type Event
to be conducted by

David Elstob of Thomas Watson Auctioneers, Darlington
RSF lunchtime event

Tickets £20 will include Lunch and one item for Valuation by David Elstob.

Tickets available from Stina Scott, Throstle Nest Farm, Summerbridge, HG3 4JS
Tel 01423-780449 email
Reg Charity No.1123327

Ticket application

I should like to order ……….tickets for this Event on Sunday Nov 15th at £20 each

Please send cheques payable to The Roddy Scott Foundation together with SAE to

Stina Scott, Throstle Nest Farm, Summerbridge, HG3 4JS
Reg Charity No.1123327

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Letter from a former pupil. Beka Umarashvili

To Roddy Scott foundation

I am happy with the fact that Roddy Scott Foundation still operates and actively encourages our talented generation in Pankisi. If by chance I happen to hear or see news of this Foundation I still feel a sense of pride and I think of all the happy days that I spent here. I can cry tears of joy over my happy life that was built on the foundation. It is impossible not to use those things that you received and learned from the Foundation. It is knowledge that represents your power, and I was gifted by this power of education to go forward in life . For some reason we were chosen by American Academies, where we were able to keep up our English, and get sociable in the English language medium . We had an unforgettable time in the summer school where we learned English with Georgians by the initiative of the Roddy Scott Foundation. This year we had national exams in different subjects and one of them was foreign language, so the English courses that I had in the foundation really helped me to do the best and get more points than ever! And what’s more during the time of learning we were able to get more friends, get closer with them; also I met foreigners, who helped me to find my way in a career in the future. The foundation is really helpful for all of the students, to get a higher education in English, also to become more sociable in the sense of engaging in the wider world and more talented! Lots of students who thought that they couldn’t do anything at all, well you know – the foundation helped them to find themselves in this society and make life better than they could imagine ever. Thanks Roddy Scott foundation for giving the best teachers, students, and for the best director and for the best chances we ever had to go into life confident of our future lives. Marsho!

Beka Umarashvili

Student of Robakidze state University (Tourism administration)

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With thanks to the McLain association for children

We have to give a huge thanks for the enormously generous grant of $25000 from the McLain Association for Children, which has provided financial stability over the last year for the continuation of the Foundation over the last year. They have made the schools running viable and we hope the results are proof of the worthiness of this cause that education and education and education ( to paraphrase a certain famous Bolshevik) is the only route out of poverty to a brighter future. With many thanks again for your enormous generosity and foresight.

RSF trustees

Supporters and donors

Recent successes in national exams

These are the impressive results of the Foundations first batch of school students who have performed so well in their national exams in written and spoken English.
the results speak for themselves and for the hard work and effort of the pupils and the many generous individuals and donors who mae this venture possible. They lead the way we hope for future generations to be inspired to better themselves through the old fashioned values of hard work and pride in educational achievement. The early signs are promising and a great foundation for the future.

Sometimes for the media and the outside world Pankisi turns into the place from where only bad things can you expect, but my generation will be able to change your opinion about this very tiny place, RSF student are the first who who will manage it through the education and hardworking. They have a very big success in United National Exams. Especially in English.

The first RSF course graduates participated in the exams. So our students results are:

1. Umarashvili Beka 96
2. Kushanashvili Albina 91
3. Duishvili Zahra 89
4. Pareulidze Linda 86
5. Khangoshvili Rumisa 84
6. Kavtarashvili Mariana 82
7. Baghakashvili Fatima 81
8. Kavtarashvili Arbi 76
9. Khangoshvili Omar 74
10. Mutoshvili Beslan 72
11. Gaurgashvili Zalina 71
12 Kavtarashvili Malika 70

‘We were looking forward to hearing the response to our results, and we are so very proud of our friends, and think that for all of Pankisi students its a perfect example for future students to follow our way. One may say we could have achieved higher grades but for us children communicating in Chechen learning Georgian at school and learning English as third or fourth language, I think its great success.’

P.S. Congratulation all of RSF first graduates became students. Love you all.

By: Maia Bagakashvili, Feride Kavtarashvili, Malika Margoshvili

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Updating this website to bring friends and supporters upto date with the plans and goings on of the Roddy Scott Foundation should start in earnest this autumn. We will be show casing the achievements of the Foundations pupils who have performed outstandingly well in National exams in Georgia in written and spoken English.
We shall be looking at new ideas for projects and of course seeking funding and partners to make those aims a reality.
Sadly we have lost a trustee due to personal demands of work but hope that her departure will not be a permanent one, and will act as a spur to action!
Thank you Helen!

Latest NEWS

Sale of BRAND NEW books! ‘Orwell Prize’ entries

October 18th at North Stainley Village Hall, HG4 3JT;  approx 400 books to select from; great opportunity to buy lots of Christmas presents at bargain prices from only £1! Time 11am to 4pm

Past events

Sir Rodric Braithwaite, GCMG in conversation with Victoria Schofield

The Roddy Scott Foundation is delighted to welcome Sir Rodric and Victoria.

Join us for a buffet supper followed by a talk and question time.

on Saturday November, 1st at 6.45pm

Tickets £15

For Tickets and information  call Stina on 01423 780449

Or or send cheque and SAE to

Throstle Nest Farm,

Location North Stainley Village Hall, HG4 3JT


Past events

Second Nidderdale Kite Fesival

The 2nd Nidderdale Kite Festival was held over the weekend of the 18th and 19th August at New Causeway Farm, Fellbeck by kind permission of Fred Longster and family. The weather conditions on Saturday were perfect, affording spectacular views of both display kites and a multitude of individual flyers. The 15th Field Sqn, 36th Engineer Unit from Claro Barracks, Ripon provided generous assistance and Weatherheads of Pateley Bridge and Balsdens of Summerbridge supplied their usual excellent meats for the barbeque. Children and adults enjoyed Neil Gledhill’s Sun and Moon maze which he had cut into the grass in one of the fields, and many welcome volunteers helped in both the running of the event and loan of equipment to make for a most enjoyable week-end. Plans are in hand for next year’s event on 24th and 25th August.

Past events

Dr Humayun Khan in Conversation with Victoria Schofield

7pm on July 6th at Throstle Nest Farm, Summerbridge HG3 4JS

Dr Humayun Khan, retired Pakistani diplomat and Foreign Secretary, will talk with author Victoria Schofield.

Drinks and canopies – £15

Please call 01423 780449 to book.

Past events

Ellie Kramers teaching in the Caucasus

Over 100 people attended the function during which Ellie described how she had rapidly to adapt to a completely new culture and environment in the Pankisi gorge.  She and Vlad, who has had years of expeerience of the area shared  their interpretations of their experiences  and this was followed by a vigorous question and answer session.

Ellie Kramer - Travels through the Caucasus

Ellie Kramers – Travels through the Caucasus


Past events