Recent successes in national exams

These are the impressive results of the Foundations first batch of school students who have performed so well in their national exams in written and spoken English.
the results speak for themselves and for the hard work and effort of the pupils and the many generous individuals and donors who mae this venture possible. They lead the way we hope for future generations to be inspired to better themselves through the old fashioned values of hard work and pride in educational achievement. The early signs are promising and a great foundation for the future.

Sometimes for the media and the outside world Pankisi turns into the place from where only bad things can you expect, but my generation will be able to change your opinion about this very tiny place, RSF student are the first who who will manage it through the education and hardworking. They have a very big success in United National Exams. Especially in English.

The first RSF course graduates participated in the exams. So our students results are:

1. Umarashvili Beka 96
2. Kushanashvili Albina 91
3. Duishvili Zahra 89
4. Pareulidze Linda 86
5. Khangoshvili Rumisa 84
6. Kavtarashvili Mariana 82
7. Baghakashvili Fatima 81
8. Kavtarashvili Arbi 76
9. Khangoshvili Omar 74
10. Mutoshvili Beslan 72
11. Gaurgashvili Zalina 71
12 Kavtarashvili Malika 70

‘We were looking forward to hearing the response to our results, and we are so very proud of our friends, and think that for all of Pankisi students its a perfect example for future students to follow our way. One may say we could have achieved higher grades but for us children communicating in Chechen learning Georgian at school and learning English as third or fourth language, I think its great success.’

P.S. Congratulation all of RSF first graduates became students. Love you all.

By: Maia Bagakashvili, Feride Kavtarashvili, Malika Margoshvili

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